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Arbitration Court

International Arbitration Court in Prague of the Czech Commodity Exchange Kladno is permanent arbitration court in the Czech Republic. It was established based on Act No. 229/1992 Coll., on commodity exchanges, in accordance with Act No. 216/1994 Coll., on arbitral proceedings and enforcement of arbitral awards. The Statute and Rules of this permanent arbitration court were published in the Commercial Journal.

The Arbitration Court hears and decides all property disputes that are related in any way to the commodities traded on the exchange.

Arbitration held before the International Arbitration Court in Prague of the Czech Commodity Exchange Kladno guarantees the highest standard of services based on accurately phrased rules and the requirements placed on arbitrators who are entered in the list of arbitrators of the Arbitration Court.

The arbitrators of the Arbitration Court are experienced professionals who have a record of deciding disputes both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Together with the Exchange and under the management of the new Board, the Arbitration Court has been further developing its activities since May 2017 with the aim to provide high-quality, fast and effective solutions to business disputes, with a guarantee of maximum transparency.



The Arbitration Court is headed by the Board, consisting of seven members, six of which are elected for a term of five years by the Chamber of the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange based on nominations made by the former Board. The Chamber appoints the Secretary of the Arbitration Court for a term of five years – (s)he also serves as the seventh member of the Board.

The Board elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairmen (i.e. President and Vice-Presidents of the Court) from among its members. The Chairman (President) acts on behalf of the Arbitration Court; in case of his/her absence, the Chairman (President) is substituted by the Vice-Chairmen (Vice-Presidents).


Board of the Arbitration Court (term of office 2022 – 2027):

JUDr. Vít Horáček, Ph.D., MBA

Ing. Jaromír Čermák
Prof., Prof.zw., Dr. et Mgr. Ing. Alexander Bělohlávek, dr.h.c.

Daniela Novotná

Members of Board:
Mgr. Štěpán Holub
JUDr. David Řezníček, LL.M., Ph.D.


Commodities traded on the Exchange

Based on a licence granted by the supervisory authorities (the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic), individual parties may trade on the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange in a broad range of industrial, agricultural and energy commodities.

List of commodities traded on the Exchange

Further, trades may also be concluded on the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange in services related to commodities, such as insurance, transport, storage and forwarding transactions, etc.

What disputes can be resolved by the International Arbitration Court of the Czech Commodity Exchange?

The Arbitration Court may hear and decide both national and international disputes arising out of transactions concluded on the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange in Kladno, as well as disputes following from OTC transactions involving commodities in which the Exchange is authorised to trade, and the related services.

For details, we refer to Section 1 of the Rules of the Arbitration Court; a list of commodities traded on the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange can be found in the section Arbitration Court.